Tatneft is consistently implementing its strategy to expand the resource base and increase reserves through exploration and production in outside territories, including the CIS and the Middle East countries, as well as carrying out pilot projects at the extra-visvous oil fields of Tatarstan.

The share of hard to recover reserves in Tatarstan more than 73%. Now in the republic the company operates 20 wells and in 2013 they had produced 145,6 thousand tons of oil, and this year, the company expects to increase this figure to 195 thousand tons. According to optimistic forecasts to 2020 "Tatneft" will produce 1 million tons bitumen oil.

"Tatneft" approved work program for shale oil in 2014-2015, and has already started its production in the first well.

Nowadays JSC "Tatneft" is building oil refining complex of the seven plants — JSC "Taneco", refining capacity which will reach 14 million tons per year. It is the largest project on oil and petroleum products from not only in Russia, but also Europe.

Today Tatarstan produced over 51% of the total volume of Russian polyethylene, 25% polypropylene, 45% of caoutchoucs, 56% of polymers and copolymers of styrene. By 2020, the country will double the amount of ethylene produced, up to 3.8 million tons increase the production of caoutchoucs and plastics.