We invite you to come to the homeland of Tatarstan's oil — to the Almetyevsk city.

The 17th international specialized exhibitionOil. Gas. Energy. Chemistry. Ecology. Industrial Safety 2018

Professional communication

Experts of Tatneft and independent oil companies of Republic of Tatarstan


Tatneft scales excellent solutions in Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and in the Middle East

Implement technology

Tatarstan - one of the few platforms for the development and production of shale oil bitumen

Suggest solutions

Taneco - recycling 14 million tons of oil per year

Be persistent

Decent equipment is operated in the fields of Tatneft

From 18 until 20 October 2017 is the exhibition of equipment and technologies, proven as a platform for professional communication with specialists of PJSC "Tatneft" and The Republic of Tatarstan’s independent oil companies.

Tatneft is one of the largest, internationally recognized Russian oil companies, operating as a vertically integrated Group. The general office of PJSC "Tatneft" is located in Almetyevsk city and here is originates one of the largest pipelines Russia – Druzhba.

«Tatneft» open and interested in attracting new technologies, equipment, and the event is held in conjunction with PJSC «Tatneft». First Deputy General Director for Production — chief engineer of PJSC «Tatneft» Nail G. Ibragimov sends specialists and structural units that are part of Tatneft for review and application of technology, which presented at the exhibition.

Invited and sent specialists

Oil & gas production entities (NGDUs)
  • Leninogorskneft
  • Yamashneft
  • Aznakaevskneft
  • Elkhovneft
  • Almetyevneft
  • Nurlatneft
  • Dzhalilneft
  • Prikamneft
  • Bavlyneft
Service structure block of TagraS-holding
  • TMS Group
  • Sistema Servs
  • Tatburneft
  • Tatneft-RemServis
  • Tatintek
  • TNG-Group
  • Tatspetstransport
Petrochemicals production works
  • Nizhnekamskneftehim
  • Tatneftneftehim
  • Kazanorgsyntez
  • Kazan Synthetic Rubber Plant
  • Technopolis Himgrad
Oil and gas refining entities
  • Taneco
  • Tatneftgazpererabotka
  • Taif NK
Sales of crude oil and gas, as well as oil, gas, and petrochemical products
  • Tatneft AZS Center
Energy structures
  • Tagras Energoservice
  • Network Company
  • Generating Company
  • TGC-16
Construction management
  • Glavneftegazstroyservis
  • Tatneft TransServis
Manufacturing plants
  • Bugulma Mechanical Plant
  • Kamaz
  • Industrial park Kamskie Polyany
  • Almetyevsk Pipe Plant
  • Alnas
  • Karpov Chemical Plant
  • Elaz
  • Factories and companies that make up the SEZ Alabuga
Other structures
  • Tatar Geology and Prospecting Administration
  • Tatar Oil Research and Design Institute
  • Tatneft Personnel Training Center
  • Norms Analyzing Center of PJSC Tatneft
  • Electronic trading platform of PJSC Tatneft

Event program

The first day, Oct. 19 8:00 Opening of the exhibition 8:30—17:30 Visits by Tatneft, Taneco, Nizhnekamskneftekhim, Neftekontsortsium and other oil and gas companies. 11:00 Ceremonial opening 11:30—12:30 Visiting booths of exhibitors by official delegation of deputies of the State Duma, the Government of the Republic of Tatarstan, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Ministry of Environment, the Administration of Almetyevsk and Almetyevsk district. 17:45 End of the first day 19:00 Official banquet
Second, Second, Oct. 20 8:30 Opening of the exhibition 9:00—17:00 Visits by Taif NC, Network Company, generating company TGK-16, MC Tatneftneftehim, Kazanorgsyntez, Kazan Synthetic Rubber Plant, Technopolis Himgrad Industrial Park Kamskie clearing, KamAZ and other oil and gas companies. 13:00—17:00 The commission's work for the award of diplomas in the following nominations:
for the quality of domestic products
for high quality foreign products
for the best stand design
for scientific development and research in the field of science petrochemical and oil refining complexes 17:45 End of the second day
Third, Oct. 21 9:00—12:00 Last workday of the exhibition 9:00—11:00 Visiting unplanned delegations 11:30—12:30 Graduation 14:00 Participants leaving

The exhibition is supported by

President of the Republic of Tatarstan
Government of the Republic of Tatarstan
Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Republic of Tatarstan
Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Tatarstan
Tatarstan Academy of Sciences
Administration of the Almetyevsk district and the city of Almetyevsk


Almetyevsk, Republic of Tatarstan, Russia
Beloglazova str., 62a, Youth Football